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Hi, I'm Halsey or H. The ugly mugshot is me being weird.

I draw and take photos every so often, but I rarely post anything on here since I don't think its good enough. A couple of friends are fighting me on that thought and say I need to post more of my artwork.

Crash Course about me if you're interested:
- 19 years old
- Physical Gender: Female
- Gender Identity: Polygender
- depressed and socially anxious sophomore college student with an undeclared major
- to escape I read tons of books. I'm running out of room to store all of the books I've bought.
- ginormous dork
- in way to many fandoms for comfort
- live in the country with 21 goats, 13 cats, 4 horses, 2 dogs, and a hamster.
- i have a blog... humourous-fallen-angel.tumblr.…


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Earlier this year I was able to get enough money to buy it, and I've finally finish one of my Inquisitor's playthrough! And I absolutely love the game! The effects, the free-roam maps, the characters, the companions, the dialogue, almost everything! (The glitches were awful though at times.)

I loved it so much that I made a ton of Inquisitors each with their own little bios.  I doubt if anybody is interested, or even reading this, but I just have to show them off! (I apologize for their complexity, but I literally can't stop thinking about my Inquisitors! And if I get enough time and energy I may try to draw pictures that can do them justice.)

The Saarebas- Adaar (He's my first and favorite Inquisitor)
Name: (No first name) Adaar "Weapon"
Valo-kas Nickname: "Asaaranda-Ebasit" or "Stormborn" (Qunlat: Asaaranda= "thunderstorm", and Qunlat doesn't have a word for 'born', at least to my knowledge, so I substituted it with Ebasit= "to be".)
Varric Nickname: "Vinsomer" Adaar doesn't receive the name until after he slays the dragon. Valo-kas extend upon this and also call him "Asaaranda-ataashi".  ("Storm Dragon". Qunlat: Ataashi= "The Glorious Ones" or used to describe dragons.)
Tarots: Judgement/Justice/The Sun
Gender & Race: Male, Qunari
Class & Specialization: Mage, Storm/Winter/Inferno/Rift
Hair: Long, White
Horns: Curving Upward
Skin: Dark Grey/Silver
Eyes: Silver Iris, Black Sclera
Romance: Dorian Pavus is his Kadan. (Kadan= "where the heart lie", person one cares about.) (Dorian was curious about Adaar's past, then quickly becoming the best of friends, and later lovers.)
Demeanor: Cold & Stoic. Varric would often say, "His Inquisitorialness is like stone, except I can have a more engaging conversation with an actual stone..." But under the gruff exterior he is very tender and loving.
Hobby: Reading, studying, & sometimes drawing. (Dorian is trying to get him into painting.)
- "Ash-asaara", Seeking Wind. (Qunlat: Ash= seek, Asaara= wind.) Tirashan Swiftwind Hart, Doe.
- "Tal-atash", True Victory. (Qunlat: Tal= true, Atash= victory.) Blue River Bane Dracolisk, Drake.
- "Aban-taashath", Calm Sea. (Qunlat: Aban= sea, Taashath= calm.) Imperial Warmblood, Mare.
Preferred Maps/Locations:
- Skyhold, Inquisitor's Quarters
- Skyhold, Library
- Storm Coast
Name: Kartaras Adaar
Varric Nickname: "Canary"
Tarots: The Empress/Strength/The Tower
Gender & Race: Female, Qunari
Class & Specialization: Rouge, Double Blade/
Hair: Long (Often rowed though), White
Horns: Asymmetrical Break
Skin: Dark Bronze.
Eyes: Silver Iris, Black Sclera
Romance: Josephine (Kartaras's interest in politics led to a friendship with Josephine. When she finally realized she fell in love with Josephine she made it very clear that she would win Josephine's heart.)
Demeanor: Generally she's very silly and loves to talk to anyone who will listen. She also is very interested in politics.
Hobby: Conversation and drinking.
- "Warbler" Greater Nuggalope, Buck.
- "Willows" Gwaren Landhammer, Doe.
Preffered Maps/Locations:
- Winter Palace
- Val Royeaux
Name: Warren Tevelyan (Warren= protector, or defender.)
Varric Nickname: "Sleepy"
Tarots: The Chariot/The Emperor/The Magician
Gender & Race: Male, Human
Class & Specialization: Mage, Spirit/Winter/Knight Enchanter
Hair: Black, haircut similar to Dorian's,  beard w/ curled mustache.
Skin: Light Tan
Tattoo: Asymmetrical Black
Eyes: Deep Blue
Romance: Dorian Pavus (Was sleeping in the library when Dorian accidentally stumbled upon him. They began to hold intellectually, engaging conversations with one another, slowly falling in love with one another.)
Demeanor: Witty, constantly joking, and likes to nap when hiding from Cullen, Leliana, Josephine, and/or Cassandra.
Hobby: Intellectual conversation, breeding Orlesian Coursers, & sleeping.
- "Sterling" , Orlesian Courser, Stallion.
- "Duchess", Orlesian Courser, Mare.
Preffered Maps/Locations:
- Haven
- Skyhold
- Emprise du Lion
Name: Thaddeus Tevelyan (Thaddeus = courageous heart.)
Varric Nickname: "Wonder Boy"
Tarots: The Chariot/The Hierophant/The Sun
Gender & Race: Male, Human
Class & Specialization: Warrior, Weapon & Shield/Battlemaster/Vanguard/Champion.
Hair: Close Shaved, Dark Brown, with Light Scruff.
Skin: Medium Tan
Tattoo: Asymmetrical Black
Eyes: Whiskey Brown
Romance: Cassandra Pentaghast ( He was at first oblivious to Cassandra's affections, but with the help of the other companions he finally saw it.)
Demeanor: Bursting with energy and goodwill. (It almost makes Varric, Sera, and Dorian sick with how he drips with goodness.) But while upholding law and order he drops his childishness, becoming cool and logical.
Hobby: Training soldiers, playing with children, and talking/drinking with those under his command.
- "Commander" Ferelden Forder, Stallion.
- "General" Green Dales Feral, Stallion.
Preffered Maps/Locations:
- Haven
- Skyhold
- Hinterlands
- Crestwood
Name: Briarell Lavellan (Elvish: Briarell= our briar)
Varric Nickname: "Rosey"
Tarots: The Empress/The Fool/The Star
Gender & Race: Female, Elf
Class & Specializations: Rouge, Archery/Subterfuge/Tempest
Hair: Shoulder Length, Dark Brown.
Skin: Dark Brown
God: Mythal- The Great Protector, All-Mother, and the Goddess of Love.
Tattoo: Yellow thorns, that cover over half her face.
Why? "Those seeking protection may hide in the fragile embrace of briars and brambles. A shield of thorns that halts the advances of any who carry hate in their hearts and death in their hands." And Roses are a type of briar that has become a symbol for love.
Eyes: Amber
Romance: Cullen Rutherford (Both of them have affection towards one another. It would have remained unrequited if not for the intervention of the other companions.)
Demeanor: Strong sense of right and wrong, caring, sometimes naive. She is very soft spoken and hard to anger, unless you harm for those she cares for. Then she is ruthless.
Hobby: Singing and playing her lap harp. (She's also learning how to play a wooden flute.)
- " Da'enansel", Small Blessing. (Elvish: Da= small, Enansel= blessing.) Red Hart, Doe.
- " Hellathen", Noble Struggle.(Elvish) Pride of Arlathan Hart, Doe.
Preffered Maps/Locations:
- Haven
- Skyhold
- Hinterlands
-Exalted Plains
Name: Tomlin Lavellan (Elvish: Tomlin= Tom's blood)
Varric Nickname: "Prickles"
Tarots: The Moon/The Star/The Sun
Gender & Race: Male, Elf
Class & Specializations: Rouge, Double Daggers/Subterfuge/Assassin
Hair: Similar to Dorian's, Pale Yellow.
Skin: Pale, Slightly Green
God: Andruil- The Goddess of the Hunt
Tattoo: Green, and branching out like a tree, with some dots below eyes and cheekbones.
Why? He does not agree with the ways of the Dalish. Tomlin believes strongly in Andruil's Vir Tanadahl, or the Way of the Three Trees, and he feels that the Dalish are ignoring/misinterpreting the Third Tree Vir Adahlen, the Way ofthe Forest,'Together we are stronger than the one'. Tomlin quote, "Why do we remain scattered across the land like that of  ashes upon the wind? For that makes us separate and many. Each clan becoming a 'one', a single fragment  of a broken whole. We have become ignorant of each other, strangers to our own people. And because of it we grow weaker and weaker, a shadow of a shadow. But if the clans come together, as a union of our peoples, we shall grow  stronger and prosper." He believes that the clans should settle in one land and elect representatives of each clan, someone probably close to the each clan's keeper, that would constantly govern over the entire Elven race from a  'capital'. (Similar to the U.S.A. government. Each clan like a state.) For his branched tattoo the clans represent each branch, forming a tree/the elven race. And the dots would represent the individuals that would govern these 'branches'.
Eyes: Deep Sea Green
Romance: Asexual (The closest he'll ever come to a relationship is hanging around Solas, Cole, and on occasions Sera.)
Demeanor: Prickly,sharp of tongue, and seems to hate everyone. Every once in a while he will let his guard down and you can see that he cares for everyone to the point that it's painful.
Hobby: Pranks and Debating.
- " Mahvirnehn", Tommorow's Joy. (Elvish: Mahvir= tomorrow, Nehn= joy.) Free Marches Ranger, Gelding.
- "Athim", Humility. (Elvish) Taslin Strider, Gelding.
Preferred Maps/Locations:
- Emerald Graves
- Arbor Wilds/Temple of Mythal
Name: Banal'rasen Lavellan (Elvish: Banal'rasen= shadows)
Varric Nickname: Varric doesn't even dare to give her a nickname.
Tarots: The High Priestess/Death/The Hanged Man
Gender & Race: Female, Elf
Class & Specializations: Mage, Winter/Inferno/Necromancer
Hair: Long, Black with right side shaved above ear.
Skin: Pale White
Gods: Falon'din- The Friend of the Dead/ Dirthamen- Keeper of Secrets
Tattoo: Black, ever changing and unpredictable like shadow and smoke.
Why? N/A Banal'rasen never explains why she chose this style of tattoo.
Eyes: Black
Romance: Solas (Both search for knowledge and come to a strange, unfathomable love. It is an imperfect relationship and they often cannot understand one another; which leads to many cool arguments.)
Demeanor: Cool, yet friendly. No one knows what she is thinking or her true motives; and if they are malevolent or benign.
Hobby: Reading, recording known elven history, & meditating. (She also takes up wandering the Fade, because of Solas.)
- " Virshem", Quick path. (Elvish: Vir= path/way, Shem= quick.) Basking Longma, Drake.
- "Bellenaris", Eternity (Elvish) Amaranthine Charger, Mare.
Preffered Maps/Locations:
- Skyhold
- Emerald Graves
- Exalted Plains
- Fallow Mire
- Dirthamen
- Din'an Hanin
- Arbor Wilds/Temple of Mythal
Name: Samahl'inan , or Samahl for short, Lavellan (Elvish: Samahl'inan= laughing eyes)
Varric Nickname: "Merry"
Tarots: The Fool/
Gender & Race: Male, Elf
Class & Specializations: Warrior, Vanguard/
Hair: Short, red. Often tousled.
Skin: Golden
God: Sylaise- The Hearthkeeper
Tattoo: Intertwined lines, framing his face.
Eyes: Green
Romance: Iron Bull
- "Revas", Freedom. (Elvish) Tirashan Swiftwind Hart, Buck.
Preferred Maps/Locations:
- Skyhold, Tavern
- Emerald Graves
- Arbor Wilds/Temple of Mythal
Name: Hapith Cadash
Varric Nickname: "Happy"
Tarots: The Fool/The Devil/The Sun
Gender & Race: Female, Dwarf
Class & Specializations: Rouge, Double Daggers/Sabotage/Subterfuge/Artificer
Hair: Short, Dark Brown
Skin: Tan
Tattoo: Black bar across eyes.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Romance: Blackwall (I haven't played through Blackwall's romance with her yet, and have no idea how I want it to go.)
Demeanor: Bark and bite. She is constantly tinkering with something. Loves to see how things tick.
Hobby: Tinkering, fixing, and inventing.
- "Skipps" or "Skippy", Tiddles Majoris Nuggalope, Doe.
Preferred Maps/Locations:
- Forbidden Oasis
- The Western Approach
- Hissing Wastes
- Valammar
Name: Rommel Cadash
Varric Nickname: "Old Man"
Tarots: The Tower/The Emperor/Strength
Gender & Race: Male, Dwarf
Class & Specializations: Warrior, Two-Handed Weapon/Battlemaster/Vanguard/Templar
Hair: Long, Peppered Black & White. With Large Beard. Braids.
Skin: Dark Tan
Tattoo: Black, Skull-like
Eyes: Dark Brown
Romance: None (He is already married and has two sons.)
Demeanor: Slow, Gruff, Old-Fashioned, Thoughtful, and Humble. He can be unintentionally racist at times, but after realizing what he said Rommel would go and apologize for his piggishness. (He doesn't like racists and tries to quell any of the Cadash mindset he was raised into. Which was heavy-laden with racism.)
Hobby:Making furniture, toys, and artwork from wood and metal. He also likes to garden.
- None. He's had too many bad experiences and will not ride anything taller than him. Bennet doesn't have any mounts shorter than Rommel.
Preferred Maps/Locations:
- Skyhold, Undercroft
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